Brenda Cline and Terry Cline has signed Kenny Ray Horton to W615 for exclusive management. Kenny Ray Horton is a Gold-Record Awarded country-bluegrass singer/songwriter and has been enlisted in the United States Navy for seventeen years. From his hometown of Rocky Comfort, Missouri, to the famed Music Row in Nashville, to a world-wide representative of the US Navy, he has been writing and performing music all along the way.

Growing up in a community of bluegrass, country and gospel music, Kenny Ray says that music has always been a staple of his life. He made the big move from Missouri to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a country music singer/songwriter in 1994. It wasn’t long after arriving in Nashville that Kenny had publishing deal offers, including one with Oh Boy Records. Oh Boy Record’s flagship artist was the legendary John Prine, but they had decided to launch a publishing division headed up by music industry veteran Janie West, and Kenny was the first outside writer that she signed.

Twelve days after signing with Oh Boy Records Kenny Ray had a song selected for Kenny Rogers’ upcoming album, “The Gift.” Kenny Ray’s song, “A Soldier’s King” was the first song chosen for Rogers’ album. The album has sold more than 500,000 copies giving Kenny Ray a R.I.A.A certified gold record. The album is close to selling 1,000,000 copies which would make it a platinum record.

Along the way, Kenny Ray met many industry people one of which was Brenda Cline. Brenda eventually became Kenny’s manager and was instrumental in soliciting the publishing deal offers. Brenda also introduced Kenny to a group of other talented, young artist writers who she was involved with including the now country mega-super-star, Blake Shelton, songwriter Karyn Rochell (Red High Heels” “Georgia Rain”), and “A” list session and touring bassist, Rob Byus which was then and is still, Blake Shelton’s bass player. Kenny Ray also sought the advice and mentoring of then President of the world-renowned Jim Halsey Company, Terry Cline.

Just as things seemed to be moving in the direction he had always dreamed about, Kenny Ray felt another calling. Against the advice of his music industry friends, Kenny Ray enlisted in the US Navy in December of 2000. However, as fate would have it music found its way back into his life. Kenny Ray became one of the top lead singers for the US Navy fronting the Navy’s country and rock bands. When a position became available in the US Navy’s Premier Country and Bluegrass band “Country Current” in Washington, DC, he auditioned and landed the role of lead singer. He was now performing the style of music he loved and grew up on in Rocky Comfort. Only now, he was performing in Washington DC for the President, top military brass, and prestigious world leaders.

In a bizarre twist of fate Kenny Ray has just recently been reunited with his former manager, Brenda Cline and his music business mentor, Terry Cline. They all believe it’s divine intervention and that working together again is like a “family reunion.”

“It’s like Kenny Ray and I have unfinished business, says Brenda Cline, and I feel I’m invested in Kenny Ray. I’m so happy that we can continue with what we started before he joined the Navy. I’ve always been proud to work with Kenny Ray, but now it’s a tremendous privilege to work with him as a military entertainer and the contributions he makes to our country. I respect him immensely.”

“It’s a honor to represent Kenny Ray as his manager. He is in my opinion a great country and bluegrass artist in the prestigious United States Navy band, the Country Current” not to mention an impressive individual. says Terry Cline.

Still active duty today, Kenny Ray plans to continue entertaining as a representative for the US Navy with the “Country Current” and performing for the people of America. Kenny Ray will be retiring from the Navy in a little over three years and his managers are preparing now to launch his Bluegrass-Country career as a solo artist.