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Bernie Nelson may wear many hats as an artist, songwriter and author, but on the bottom of his worn cowboy boots is red dirt. Bernie is a Red Dirt/Country music touring artist that just so happens to have penned songs exceeding 25 million in sales. Bernie may hang his hat in Tennessee while writing songs for country artists, but as an artist, his heart has been pulled south to Texas.

Over the last three years Bernie has been touring Texas with his stripped back acoustic performance. After many years of selling out shows at the famous Bluebird Café and other prominent Nashville venues, Bernie realized it was long overdue that he take his show on the road performing his own original music. Bernie now spends more time in Texas than he does in Tennessee and is branching out crossing the border into Oklahoma, where they appreciate real country and red dirt music.

Bernie says music fans often complain about there being a huge void in country music. They say that the music they love, and grew up on isn’t being represented by radio. He feels that is even more reason for him to hit the road and deliver a show that appeals to people that are craving that style of music. Bernie’s solo acoustic shows aren’t flashy, they are simply intimate, personal, and raw. While listening to Bernie’s performance you must remind yourself that this is one man and one guitar. You’re so drawn into his storytelling style and the compelling lyrics of his songs, you’ll forget this is a one man show.

The depth of Bernie’s music is deeply rooted in the Texas and Oklahoma fabric. He attributes his influences to his personal relationships with such great artists as Guy Clark, Robert Earle Keen, Steve Earle, Chris Ledoux, and Radney Foster along with many others. His lyrics runs the gamut from tender, personal, and self-exposing, to raucous party time. Bernie’s voice is highly identifiable and stylistic, so there’s no mistaking him for another sound-alike artist on the radio. Someone once described Bernie’s voice as being like “new strings on a well-traveled guitar.”

Being an A-list, multi-platinum songwriter, Bernie’s discography reads like the “who’s who” of country music. A few of the artists that he has had songs recorded by are; Kenny Chesney, Trace Adkins, Randy Travis, Kris Kristofferson, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Wynonna, Conway Twitty, Chris Ledoux, and more recently, Craig Campbell.

Bernie has just released his book titled, Honky Tonk Angels”- Stories of God’s Influence on Nashville’s Most Iconic Songs. Bernie’s book has been a process of more than thirty years where he has had access to the inner circles of Music Row royalty. His book gives its readers private, behind the scenes stories from some of the greatest artists, writers, and producers in the music business. Bernie believes that what separates great songs that never make it, from those that do, is the uniquely perfect timing of God’s grace.

Bernie Nelson’s performance draws his audience into his world and it becomes far more than a show. His interaction with his audience is an intimate “experience. An experience that when you leave, you will take with you and you won’t soon forget.

“People have told me that they leave my shows feeling refreshed, but as a rule it’s the people that leave me feeling refreshed and blessed” says Bernie, with a smile.


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Bernie Nelson Discography
CONFEDERATE RAILROAD “Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind” #1 Chart Hit, Award Winning, Million – Airplay Status




PAM TILLIS   “Betty’s Got A Bass Boat” CMT Video Of The Year


CONWAY TWITTY   “House On Old Lonesome Road”

KENNY CHESNEY   “It’s Never Easy To Say Goodbye”

TRACE ADKINS “I Can Only Love You Like A Man”

CHRIS LEDOUX   “When Your Yellow Brick Road Turns Blue”



TRACY LAWRENCE   “Heaven For Awhile”

MARK WILLS   “Looking For America”


COLLIN RAYE   “Any Ole Stretch Of Blacktop

NEAL McCOY   “Hillbilly Blue”

CRYSTAL GAYLE   “After The Best”

SHENANDOAH “Any Ole Stretch Of Blacktop”



JOHN ANDERSON   “When Your Yellow Brick Road Turns Blue”

JIMMY VAN ZANT   “Come On Man”

JIMMY VAN ZANT   “Unfinished Life”

WYNONNA “It’s Never Easy To Say Goodbye”

THE OAK RIDGE BOYS   “Power Of Goodbye”

THE WHITES   “There Aint No Binds”