As I began to listen to the album called “I’m not ok” by the musician named Jake Flint, he’s got a unique sound all his own and his rough scratchy vocals adds to the sound that I really like in music artists. Starting off this superb album, is a song called “Allyn From Allen” Jake brings in a unique style that I can’t place, Jake has a sound that is all his own, and can’t be compared  to anyone as of my most recent memory, and this song Jake brings in his superior talents and kind of resembles an early bob Dylanish at times but Jake has a complexity to his style of guitar and is fresh and likable. “Cowtown” the guitar of Jake has a really great rhythm and the strumming makes it sound really great added to this the mandolin brings in flavorful approach and has an almost rock guitar sound inner mixed with his sound. “Drownin” is a harmonica based song that Jake and company bring to the music table and Jakes style has a modern pop slash country flavor mixed together and get a sound that is really enjoyable. “Hurry Up & Wait” Jake really drags in the element of rock and roll he has a country flare in his vocals at times, it is evident on this song, but sometimes it’s tucked into the mix which keeps the rock part of his music alive.

“First impression” the next track on this amazing album by Jake Flint, has an element of blues with his ability to turn on the chords of a true blues guy. As I read more about Jake Flint I he writes his own music, which in my opinion is a good thing, there are some actual singer songwriters out there, but it’s becoming a rare commodity. The next song called “I wonder why I wander” shares that blues riffs in the song and with the assistance of an organ in the song adds a element of mystique and I really really like this song, and it showcases Jakes guitar work. As the album rolls on the next song came on called “Let it Be” where out of no where blam! came the guitar work and Jakes band added a full punch to the song and was brought to life with this song. As I listened more intently, after the 3rd or 4th spin of the album, Jake has that Bob Dylan style of vocals, but electrified.

“whole Kind of blue” Jake brings in his heavy blues influences and he has the ever present throughout the album, and I being a blues guy myself, Jake really knows his way around the electric and acoustic guitar. “the Fly Song’ Jake has the hillbilly approach and his strumming is catchy and the lyrics are have a little flavor to them but once again Jake has his style all his own, and that is a good thing. “Why God” Jake has a harmony on this that is really smooth and shows a different style of the album, and I almost thought I was listening to a different album. Jake flint really has a tremendous feel for a style that I really can’t place or put my finger on, however it’s really enjoyable. “Cold Cold World” has the full flavor of a good old country song and slows the tempo a bit but Jakes ability to make it sound good is evident and has a voice from the past and really has a nostalgic feel to his entire music in this album. I want to take the time to thank Debbie Miller and Brenda Cline and also Jake himself for allowing me to hear his awesome and very expressive music. Looking forward to hearing more from Jake and his future of music.

Steven F. Adams
Owner/Music Journalist Writer Sound Wave One ~